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Customer Support

We nurture close, lasting relationships with our customers and partners to serve their needs as close as possible.
Our focus on Global Strategic Accounts and OEMs is a key part of our strategy.


Depending on the model and condition, we can diagnose a problem, then repair the instrument, or Repair by Remanufacture.  Repair by Remanufacture takes your instrument through the entire process all of our other remanufactured instrumentation goes through.  It will come back to you working like new, at a very attractive price!

Our processes are under constant observation. Our Process Development Manager carefully scrutinizes each process and makes improvements wherever
possible. Whether it is a custom tool or a unique testing apparatus, no improvement is too large or too small. Our company on track for continual

Fast Deliveries

Automation Service realizes the importance that fast deliveries can play in keeping your plant running smoothly. When a control fails, stopping production, down time often costs run thousands of dollars per hour. With OEM deliveries taking three to four weeks or more, losses can be astronomical. Same day and/or overnight shipments are a regular occurrence. We stock hundreds of name brand controls by all of the major manufacturers, ready for immediate shipment. With so many options variations on most controls, it is tough for a local distributor to anticipate what their customer's needs may be. With thousands of customers throughout the U.S. and abroad, special non-stock items to local distributors are in stock at Automation Service. 
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