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Fuji Medium-voltage IGBT Inverters



Environment-friendly inverters.
High-efficiency and high-power factor

Fuji medium-voltage IGBT inverter FRENIC4600FM5 is used for direct variable-speed control of medium-voltage motors, and greatly raises the efficiency and power factor, stabilizes motor operation and conserves energy.

High-efficiency and high-power factor
  • The use of a multi-phase diode, full-wave rectifier provides a high-power factor (95%  or more) on the power source.
  • The elimination of output transformers for operation has improved total efficiency (approx. 97%).
  • Thanks to the snubber-less design, the switching loss of the main circuit has been reduced.
  • Fuji Electric's original multi-level PWM control has reduced the IGBT switching loss.


  • Higher equipment reliability is achieved by reducing the number of inverter cells by using a single-phase, 3-level inverter, etc􀀏􀀏
  • Stable operation is maintained despite load fluctuations, by the simple sensor-less vector control function.
  • The control device has a 32-bit MPU for quick response and high-accuracy.

Ideal inverter for power sources and motors

  • The multi-phase diode rectifier system reduces harmonics on the power source side.
  • Due to the use of Fuji Electric's unique multi-level PWM control system, the switching surge is reduced and existing motors (standard ones) can be operated.

Easy maintenance

  • The inverter is air-cooled, requiring no cooling water.
  • Start/stop operation, parameter setting, fault display and data monitoring are performed from the console with simple loader functions.
  • Simple, built-in auto-tuning functions facilitate testing and adjustment.
  • Fault diagnoses are easily performed.
  • A dry-type input transformer is adopted.

Contributes to energy saving

  • A substantial energy saving is achieved by variable-speed control of a square-law reduced torque load such as a fan or
Setting range Maximum frequency 25 to 400Hz
Base frequency 25 to 400Hz
Starting frequency 0.1 to 60.0Hz
Carrier frequency 0.75 to 15kHz
* Frequency may drop automatically to protect the inverter running at 7kHz or more.
This protective operation can be canceled by function code H98.
Accuracy (Stability) Analog setting: 2% of maixmum frequency (at 2510C)
Digital setting: 0.01% of maixmum frequency (at -10 to +50C)
Setting resolution Analog setting: 1/1000 of maixmum frequency (ex. 0.06Hz at 60Hz, 0.4Hz at 400Hz)
Keypad setting: 0.01Hz (99.99Hz or less), 0.1Hz (100.0Hz or more)
Link setting: Selectable from 2 types
- 1/2000 of maixmum frequency
(ex. 0.003Hz at 60Hz, 0.02Hz at 400Hz)
- 0.01Hz (fixed)
* Includes the potentiometer on the keypad.
Setting with , keys.

 Notes: (*1) The applicable motor output is the reference value of Fuji Electrics standard 3.3 and 6.6kV, 4-pole motors.
(2) Regenerative braking is not provided.
(3) The rated output capacity is the value when the input and output voltage are 3.3 and 6.6kV, respectively.
At 3.0 and 6.0kV, the output capacity must be multiplied by 0.9.
(4) The inverter unit requires a dedicated input breaker.
(5) Select a transformer of appropriate capacity according to the capacity of the motor in compliance with harmonics guidelines.
(6) The type of rated capacity of 120% of the above is also available for continuous operation (no overload).
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