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Elevator Inverters

Welcome to the new generation of LIFT and ELEVATOR inverter

The Frenic Lift Series of exclusive inverters for operation of elevators are specially designed to have a number of improved features over previous elevator inverters, such as vastly lower torque ripple. We have incorporated the functions that customers find most necessary in elevator controls to provide an inverter that delivers performance that fits your elevator system.

  • Optimum exclusive design for passenger elevators
  • Higher performance
  • High performance vector control
  • High overload capacity
  • IM/PMSM common drive
  • Model variations
  • Applicable to the feedbacks from various pulse generators
  • Maintenance functions/ Long life design
  • Globalization
  • Peripheral support tools
Item Detailed Specification
Control method Vector control with PG (Controlled motor type: Induction motor (IM)
Vector control with PG (Controlled motor type: synchronous motor with permanent magnet)
Adjustment Carrier frequency Set value: Variable from 5 to 15kHz (5.5 to 22kW)
Note: To protect the inverter, the carrier frequency may be reduced automatically in accordance with ambient temperature and output current conditions. (An auto reduction stop function is included.)
Speed control Maximum speed Converted into inverter output frequency, 120Hz (2-pole: 7,200r/min, 4-pole: 3,600r/min, 6-pole: 2,400r/min) PG frequency: 100kHz or lower
Control range Converted into inverter output frequency, 0 to 120Hz (4-pole: 0 to 3,600r/min)
Control response (*1) 100Hz (Max)
Control accuracy (*1)
Analog setting: 0.2% or less of the max. speed (2510C)
Multi-step speed setting/Communications setting: 0.01% or less of the max. speed (-10 to +45C)
Setting resolution
Analog setting: 1/1,000 of the max. speed
Multi-step speed setting:
(Converted into inverter output frequency)
0.01Hz (99.99Hz or lower), 0.1Hz (100.0 to 120.0Hz)
Communications: 1/20,000 of the maximum speed or in inverter output frequency conversion, 0.01Hz (fixed)
Control functions Start/stop
External signals (digital input): FWD/STOP commands, REV/STOP commands, Coast-to-stop command, External alarm, Error reset, etc.
Keypad operation Remote/Local switching permits start and stop operation using the key (option).
Speed settings
Multi-step speed command: Through a combination of 3 external signals (digital input) (8 steps)
Analog signals: 0 to 10V
Multi-function keypad (option): Remote/Local switching permits setting with the and keys.
Communications: RS-485, CAN Bus (under study)
S-curve acceleration/ deceleration setting S-curve acceleration start/end point, s-curve deceleration start/end point and other points are set separately (10 steps).
Setting range: 0 to 50%
Sequence functions Forced stop, Multi-step speed command (with S-curve acceleration/deceleration), Run command matching timer, Multi-step speed command matching timer, Digital input logical inverse, Digital output logical inverse, Soft start, Stop frequency continuation, Acceleration/deceleration calculation function cancel
Control functions Torque control, Speed adjuster feed forward compensation, Vibration suppression observer, Notch filter, Speed adjuster Parameter switching, Digital torque bias, Analog torque bias, Motor parameter tuning, etc.
Exclusive functions Password, unbalanced load compensation, creeping running, battery operation
PMSM function Magnet pole position offset tuning
Item Detailed Specification
Installation location Indoors. Free from corrosive or flammable gasses, dust or oil mist. (Pollution degree 2 (IEC60664-1)). No exposure to direct sunlight.
Ambient temperature Open: -10 to 45C
Ambient humidity 5 to 95% RH (No condensation)
Altitude 1,000m or lower
55kW or lower 3mm : 2 to less than 9Hz
  9.8m/s : 9 to less than 20Hz
  2m/s : 20 to less than 55Hz
  1m/s : 55 to less than 200Hz
Storage Ambient temperature -25 to 65C
Ambient humidity 5 to 95% RH (No condensation)


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