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  The FALDIC-W - a brand new basic model of the FALDIC Series inheriting the functions and performance of the FALDIC-α and FALDIC-ß.
The FALDIC Series keeps evolving to meet all market requirements.
  Wide Range  
  High-resolution encoder  
  Ensures stable performance even at low speed.
High-resolution encoder generating 131072 pulses installed

Higher resolution reduces rotational flactuation, achieving smooth machine motions.

Conventional encoder
(equivalent to 8192 pulses)
17-bit encoder
(131072 pulses)
  Vibration Suppressing Control Function  
  Suppresses mechanical vibration to the limit.
Our original vibration suppressing control function (patent pending)

A “Vibration Suppressing Control Function” is introduced, which is effective in controlling robot arm end vibration.

Fuji’s original “Vibration Suppressing Control Function” is installed as a standard feature. It effectively reduces vibration, especially for low-rigidity units such as a robot arm end, and minimizes machine cycle time.

  Integral control of parameters  
  Realizes the integral control of parameters.

Two RS-485 ports as standard

RS-485 links the host controller to each servo amplifier, enabling the integral control of the servo amplifier parameters by the host controller.
  Control power back-up function  
  Besides the main power input, a control power back-up function is equipped, which is helpful in backing up sensor positions. This system cuts off the main power supply in an emergency, so you do not need to return to the original position each time.  
  Easy tuning  
  The servo amplifier itself automatically performs auto tuning by left and right movements. Optimum tuning between the machine and servomotor is attained before positioning adjustment by the host controller.  
  Servo analysis function  
  This is a tool installed in the loader to be equipped with a personal computer, which analyzes the “resonance frequencies” inherent in each machine to make effective use of the “vibration suppressing control function,” the “Notch Filter,” etc.
  Test operation function  
  Continuous reciprocation is supported in addition to JOG operation in a single direction. You can easily check the effective torque by rough actual operation before preparing the host controller.  
  Monitor output function  
  An analog monitor output function is equipped on the front of the servo amplifier. Connect a special connector to it to observe signals. Two signals can be observed from the return speed, torque command, positional deviation, etc.  
  Side-by-side installation  
  Servo amplifiers can be installed side by side, which saves space required to install them in the machine enclosure.  
  IP67 (Servomotor)  
  The servomotor complies with IP67* and can, therefore, be used in an environment where it is exposed to water or dust.
*Excluding the shaft sealing and connector of the GYS motors and the axis through portion of the GYG motors.
  Global standards  
  The FALDIC-W adopts global specifications to support the “CE marking” and “UL/cUL” standards.
*Applications for certification by these standards are being filed.


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