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  The FALDIC-b Series, designed for high performance and high precision, achieves vastly suppressed mechanical vibration through the use of Fuji's original vibration suppressing control function and notch filter and realizes positioning settling times of less than 1 ms, etc. All the functions are housed in a compact body, and installations can be done in different ways to enable flexibility in different applications. Through the polished presentation of the functions and performance you are looking for, multiple needs can be met at a high level. This product is ideal particularly for machines in which high tact and high speed positioning are required.  
Electronic parts
Wire harness

Ideal for machines for which high tact and high speed positioning are required

  Fuji AC Servo System Function / Performance Map  
  Examples of Use  
  Features 1 - Suppresses Mechanical Vibrations to the Maximum Extent  

Equipped with a 'Vibration Suppressing Control Function' which is an effective countermeasure for suppressing vibration of the tips of robot arms, etc

Fuji's original Vibration Control Function (Patent pending)
In high tact operation of mechanisms with low rigidity, such as the tips of robot arms, suppression of arm tip vibration is a major factor in shortening tact time. In the FALDIC-b series, Fuji's original "Vibration Suppressing Control Function" is standard equipment. It reduces vibration in machines with low rigidity and realizes high machine tact.

Equipped with a notch filter and servo analysis function

Notch Filter
This function is for the purpose of reducing machine resonance. By setting the data on the resonance point, which differs in each machine, as a parameter in the servo amplifier, the machine resonance occurring in that point can be reduced.
Servo Analysis Function (Option)
In order to utilize the 'Vibration Suppressing Control Function' and 'Notch Filter' etc effectively, it is necessary to analyze the 'resonance frequencies' that are inherent in each machine. If the 'Servo Analysis Function' offered in the optional personal computer loader is used. It can analyze the data for the machine system simply, eliminating the needs for complicated calculations and adjustments which are dependent on intuition.
  Features 2 - Designed for High Performance and High Precision  

Command following servo (position deviation = zero)

Positioning settling time is 1 ms or less
Through the newly developed feed forward control which compensates for servo delay, operation even during acceleration and deceleration can be done with position deviation almost zero. A positioning completed signal can be output virtually simultaneously with the end of the command pulse (within 1 ms).

16-bit High Resolution Encoder

A 65536 pulse/revolution serial encoder (exclusive INC) is standard equipment
It can also be used for machines where high performance and highly accurate positioning is required.

  Features 3 - Servo Amplifiers which are the Smallest in the Industry and can be installed side by side without clearance  

Innovative compact body
200V type, 200W: 35 (W) x 130 (H) x 130 (D)

Side by side installation supports miniaturization of the control panel
These units can be installed side by side horizontally and through standardization of the height and depth dimensions, even if multiple units are used, they can be housed in an extremely compact cabinet, enabling miniaturization of control panels

Capacity (W)
Capacity (W)
Capacity (W)
Capacity (W)

Panel space is reduced by side-by-side installation
Example: 200W x 3 axes + 400W x 2 axes

  Features 4- Simple Operation and Short Setup Time  

Uses a new type auto tuning function
The previous auto tuning function has been further refined so that adjustments of even 'heavy perpetual loads', which are considered to be difficult in ordinary tuning, can be done easily.

Setup parameters are designed to enhance operability
Be setting only 7 different parameters in the basic setting, operation with the industry's top level performance can be accomplished. In addition, by using the 'personal computer loader' (option) for setting each type of system, setup can be accomplished in a short time.

  Features 5- The Standard Configuration Conforms to International Standards
(UL/cUL, CE Marks)

The standard specifications of the FALDIC-b Series support the 'UL/cUL' and 'CE Mark', so it can be used not only within Japan but anywhere overseas. This makes it a global servo with leading-edge performance, dimensions and operability that can be utilized anywhere.

* Application filed for acquisition of UL/cUL, CE marking


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