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DC Drives



DC Drives are widely used in applications that require regeneration, precise, speed control, dynamic  performance and constant torque over wide speed ranges. The technology is mature and extremely reliable.

Applications that that traditionally favor DC drives include web handling, winders, extruders, paper production, cranes, hoists, plastic production and wire drawing.

Mentor II is a range of fully featured microprocessor, controlled DC variable speed industrial drives. All sizes share common control, monitoring, protection and serial communications features.

All units are available in either Single Quadrant or Four Quadrant providing forward rotation only. Four quadrant drives providing full control in both
Mentor II  Single Quadrant providing forward rotation only. Four Quadrant drives providing full control in both directions of rotation and the ability to electrically brake from either of those directions. Both types offer comprehensive control of motor speed and-or-torque.

 Operating parameters are selected and changed either at the drive keypad, through the serial communications interface, or through MentorSoft WindowsTM based configuration software tool.


28 different models ranging from 25A to 1850A (7.5KW, 10HP-750KW, 1000HP)  

Torque Mode Selection


There are three types of torque control possible: Basic torque control, torque control with speed override, and winder/unwinder torque control, providing safeguard against web breaks.


Torque proving


This function will provide the facility to enable the drive to provide an output, when a present level of torque is achieved. Thus following an holding brake to be lifted only when the required torque is available.


Key Features


General Features


Both Single & Four Quadrant Models.

Wide Model Range

Speed Feedback Variants

Two Line LED Display

Programmable Security Code

Encoder Reference Input

Motorized Potentiometer

Four Preset Speeds.

Fast & Ramp to Stop Modes


Advanced Features


Digital Lock

Taper Current Limit Function

Mains Dip Ride Through

Programmable Logic

Phase Sequence Tolerant

Current Loop Auto Tune

Field Control


Flexibility Features


Fully Programmable I/O

Well Structured Menu System

Configurable Menu Zero

Programmable Thresholds

High Speed Communications

Application Module

Armature Current Slew Rate Limiting

Serial Comms



Maintenance Features


Last Four Trips Stored

Full Internal Protection

Full Overload Protection

Customer Security

Current Loop Auto-Tune


Generous Thyristor Rating


Hard reference input


This function is useful in applications requiring a dancer input. By routing the dancer feedback directly into the hard reference input, all drive ramps are ignored and the value is added to the normal post ramp speed reference.


Programmable Logic


The Mentor has several unique programmable logic functions that are built into the drive.


This programmable logic soft circuitry cans AND/OR/NAND/NOR up to 2 logic signals. These signals can be internal drive states, external user inputs, or a combination of each. In addition the resultant Boolean logic can be sent through a built in adjustable time delay before being used by the drive or sent out through its logic output driver circuitry.



If speed is 0 AND Motor Current>80% for>3seconds+Then Motor Stalled


Master Slave Ratio Control


The Mentor has the ability to allow the use of its serial port as a means of rapid transfer of parameter value information between two or more drives in a digital format.


This permits a digital reference to be transmitted down a line of drives, and offers the possibility of setting individual ratios at each drive stage.

It could also be used in applications that require current sharing between two drives.


Digital Speed Position Loop


This allows several drives to be run in speed or position synchronization.

Shaft positions can be offset or an adjustable speed ratio introduced to control elongation or shrinkage in applications such as plastics extrusion, wire drawing and textile manufacture.



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