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  • Appropriate for equipment such as fans and pumps

  • Provides effortless energy-savings operation because of its automatic energy-saving function.

  • Easy Operation as interactive keypad is provided s standard.


Low-noise inverters for fans and pumps

  • These inverters are specially designed for variable torque loads, such as fans and pumps.
  • An automatic energy-saving function is included for simple energy-saving operation.
  • An interactive keypad panel is incorporated as standard equipment, allowing you to operate the inverter without a manual.


Series FRENIC5000P11S
Output overload capability 110% of rated current for 1min
Braking torque Regenerative braking 20% or more
(11 to 22kW)

10 to 15%
(30kW or more)
DC injection braking Starting frequency: 0.1 to 60Hz (adjustable)
Braking time: 0 to 30s (adjustable)
Braking voltage: 0 to 100% (adjustable)
Acceleration/deceleration time 0.01 to 3600s
(Acceleration/deceleration can be set independently)
Multi frequency control 16 steps
Frequency setting signal 0 to 5V DC, 0 to 10V DC, 4 to 20mA
Protective functions Stall prevention, overcurrent, instantaneous power failure or undervoltage, overvoltage, inverter overheating, external alarm (tripping of external thermal overload relay), motor overload (tripping of electronic thermal overload), communications error, CPU error, memory error, short-circuit, ground fault, blown out fuse, input open-phase protection, output open-phase protection
Alarm relay output SPDT contact
Enclosure and cooling method Totally enclosed fan cooling type [IP40, except fan]
(5.5 to 22kW)

Fan cooling type [IP00]
(30kW or more)

For inverters of 30kW or more, the totally enclosed type [IP20] is optional.
Rated AC Input Voltage
Nominal input voltage Capacity AC input voltage and frequency
3-phase 200V 22kW or less 200 to 230V 50/60Hz
30kW or more 200 to 220V 50Hz
220 to 230V 50Hz
(Order individually)
200 to 230V 60Hz
3-phase 400V 22kW or less 380 to 480V 50/60Hz
30kW or more 380 to 440V 50Hz
380 to 480V 60Hz
Allowable Variation
Voltage +10% to -15%
Frequency +5% to -5%
Imbalance rate in power supply voltage 2% or less
(Conforms to IEC61800-3(5.2.3))
Product Range
3-phase 200V: 5.5 to 110kW
3-phase 400V: 5.5 to 500kW
0.1 to 120Hz


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