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  • A highly accurate inverter that quickly provides control responses and has stable torque characteristics.

  • Can be used in a wide range of general industry systems as its extensive function and a variety of options.

  • Vector control operation of general-purpose motors thanks to the auto tuning function.

Spindle drive system for machine tools



A highly efficient and effective global inverter with the functions and capabilities you need.

  • The industry's best control capability
  • Use with different control types (multi-drive function)
  • A wide capacity range/flexible applications
  • Built-in user-programmable function (option as UPAC)
  • Enhanced network readiness
  • Inverter support loader provided
  • Enhanced built-in functions
  • Upgraded maintenance/protective functions
  • Interactive keypad panel for simple operation
  • Conforms to world standards
Item Explanation
Control performance Speed control accuracy: 0.005%
Speed response: 100Hz
Current response: 800Hz
Torque control accuracy (linear): 3%
Built-in functions Vector control of two motor types, with V/f control for a 3rd motor
Load vibration control observer
Load weighting control
Zero speed lock control
Pulse string input (option)
Orientation control (option)
Built-in PG feedback card
RS-485 communications
I/O terminal check
Main circuit capacitor life display
Cumulative operating hours display
Touch panel Function code data copy
Remote operation (extension cable optional)
7-language display
Jog operation
Remote/local selector
Control unit 3-phase 200V: Built-in for 55kW or less, optional for 75kW or more
3-phase 400V: Built-in for 110kW or less, optional for 132kW or more
I/O points
  Input Output
Analog 3 3
Digital 11 6
15kW or less: IP20
18.5kW or more: IP00, IP20 is optional
Rated AC Input Voltage
3-phase 200V  [0.75to15kW] : 3-phase 200to230V 50/60Hz
[18.5to90kW] : 3-phase 200to220V 50Hz
  3-phase 200to230V 60Hz
3-phase 400V  [3.7to15kW] : 3-phase 380to480V 50/60Hz
[18.5to400kW] : 3-phase 380to440V 50Hz
  3-phase 380to480V 60Hz
Allowable Variation
Voltage +10 to -15%
Frequency +5 to -5%
Imbalance rate in power supply voltage 2% or less
(Conforms to IEC61800-3(5.2.3))
Product Range
CT use (for constant torque, overload capability: 150%-1min)
3-phase 200V: 0.75 to 90kW
3-phase 400V: 3.7 to 400kW
VT use (for variable torque, overload capability: 110%-1min)
3-phase 200V: 1.5 to 110kW
3-phase 400V: 5.5 to 500kW
HT use (for vertical transfer application, overload capability:200%/170%-10s)
3-phase 200V: 3.7 to 55kW
3-phase 400V: 3.7 to 55kW


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